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Hubble Connected Nursery Pal Deluxe Twin

With Nursery Pal Deluxe, baby monitors are no longer just for parents. This innovative Hubble product comes with a 5" HD color touch screen that doubles as an interactive viewer for children to use as they grow, including videos, picture books and games. Use the parent monitor to quickly pan/tilt and zoom with the camera and enjoy an impressive 1000ft range.

The portable camera makes it easy for you to move it from room to room without wires due to the built-in battery. With a built-in battery, you will be able to continue monitoring your child even if you experience a power outage. Plus, the Hubble Grip makes it easier than ever to mount the camera to any surface. This flexible mount can form to almost any shape, allowing you to place it securely onto irregular surfaces. Plus, with the three holes - one on each arm of the HubbleGrip, you will quickly be able to wall mount it with screws. The crystal clear night vision is like nothing you've ever seen before!

Customer Reviews

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Caroline MacMillan
Getting replacement is impossible

I purchased this camera because it was important for me to have a physical display that wasn't dependant on a phone/app as we travel.

I purchased this camera and monitor during a black Friday sale (Dec 2022) and then had my child in May (2023).
My camera stopped working in September, 2023 (only after 4 months of use). The camera would not hold a charge or work while it was plugged in.

I contacted customer support right away (on Sept 19 2023) and they were quick to respond. We went through the typical trouble shooting issues and sent along photos of the device to see if it was the cord or camera. It was determined that the physical issue with the camera.

I understand that the company who deals with the replacement is BINATONE.

They informed me that my product was under warranty and that they would send a replacement as soon as there was some in stock which they expected to be soon. This was on Sept 26 2023.
I followed up Oct 3rd 2023, still not in stock.
Followed up again on Oct 17th- none that were compatible in stock.
Oct18th- I suggested a different model or a refund so that I can purchase my own replacement. This was not possible
Followed up again Oct 23rd again, as there were exact same product for sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday for 2023 and they informed me that they were not able to use website stock to fill replacement, as they are different companies?? What?.
Nov 27th more follow up with extreme frustration as I have gone 3 months without a functional camera and that I had to buy a different camera because it was so unsafe not to have a monitor. But at this point I wanted the replacement on principle! This is ridiculous.
Nov 30th- they advised that it had been escalated to upper management and once they have a date they would contact me.

All this to say, that while I enjoyed my product for the 4 months i was able to use it, getting a replacement has been a NIGHTMARE.